A small three-legged dog was taken out of a meat truck and he was waiting at the airport for his angel


Sometimes, in order for an animal to find its real home and family forever, volunteers have to work hard, and if this pet is special, their responsibility increases significantly.

Many people know that special groups have been created on social networks, where caring people help our four-legged brothers.

If there is a great desire to help the unfortunate animal, then no distances will become an obstacle and an obstacle to such a noble goal.

The Black Pearl was discovered by rescuers in a truck. The car transported meat from one province of China to another.

The small dog suffered from scabies, and one of its legs was underdeveloped: in fact, the dog could not use such a limb and moved only on three.

She urgently needed extensive veterinary care and the subsequent home stay in order for the rehabilitation to take place in comfortable conditions.

The doctors did a serious job, and Zhemchuzhina really wanted to live. And then began a great journey of the Black Pearl around the world.

A foster family for this trouble was found in America, and local volunteers and rescuers took care of the comfortable transportation of the animal to another continent.

Leah, the three-legged adoptive human mother, was delighted to meet her new ward at the airport. The woman already had dogs at home, some of which were saved from imminent death.

Zhemchuzhina made friends with all family members. Pets quickly accepted the new guest into their company.

When the baby played with her new friends, Leah noticed that it was hard for the Pearl to keep up with her brothers, and the main load that fell on the remaining three paws.

All these problems required a long-term solution. The volunteer organization that moved the poor dog to the US was looking for a permanent home for the Black Pearl.

There were quite a lot of applications, but preference was given to a lady who was directly related to veterinary medicine. The difficulty was that Ashley, the expectant mother, lived on the other coast of the States.

But Leah so wanted to put her in good and reliable hands that she was able to find a family that was returning home, just in that direction.

The people agreed to move the dog and help her meet Ashley. A few days later they arrived at the place. It remained to wait for the arrival of the lady who promised to love and take care of the Pearl.

And now the long-awaited meeting took place! They immediately realized that they were together forever! And then there was another move to permanent residence, which also went great.

Already at home, Ashley gave the dog the opportunity to get used to it first, get used to it, and then introduced the little girl to her new sister Janet. The two dog girls acted a little wary, but the woman is sure that they will definitely make friends.

The lady plans to enroll Zhemchuzhina in a rehabilitation center, and then perhaps the dog will be given a prosthesis that will help her move better.

Such stories, no matter where they take place, are a clear example of how to build volunteer work, fight for every living soul, do not despair and do GOOD!

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