The father got a tattoo on his head in the form of a post-operative scar to support his son


You have probably heard that a child’s best friends should be his parents. No wonder everyone says that!

So, in 2016, an 8-year-old child was diagnosed with cancer. It’s a brain tumor. But there is a plus in the fact that it was discovered at an early stage and the baby underwent a successful operation.

This was followed by chemotherapy, after which the child’s hair began to fall out.

But after the operation, the child had a scar and he was very worried about this. He didn’t like this scar, and he didn’t feel very well.

He didn’t want to hang out with his friends, he didn’t want to go to school because everyone was looking at the scar and asking different questions about it.

After that, the father of the child decided to get a tattoo with a scar on his head to support his son. He says that he felt uncomfortable about the scar, and he also felt uncomfortable when everyone looked at his son and the scar.

“Now if people want to look at us, let them look at both of us,” said his father, George Marshall.

Their photos with the same scars scattered across social networks. The photo of father and son received hundreds of views.

People say that this is a real act of a real father, it gives him hope that Gabriel will recover very soon.

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