This three-legged kitten brought people nothing but happiness


This story is about a man named Boyd. He was quite old and always took care of homeless animals. However, he had a cat, which he fed for ten years and which played a special role in his life.

He named the cat Bobby and he occupied a special place in a person’s life and in his kitchen and was already used to going there, it was a friendly, affectionate and very sociable animal.

He loved being stroked and scratched behind his ears! However, when Boyd died, his children continued his business and took care of the cat.

One of his daughters was madly in love with the cat because he reminded her of her father. But after a while the cat suddenly disappeared.

A photo of the cat was posted on social media, and it turned out that Bobby’s friend decided to help him find his family. Since it was very difficult to catch Bobby, they failed, and the cat eventually ran away from them.

After some time, he was in a very bad condition, completely exhausted. He decided not to trust people anymore. After that, the animal was taken to a shelter, where a new life was waiting for him. Here he met Sarah, who took the cat home.

The cat recently died and is now with her beloved owner. The people who took care of Bobby believe that he had a happy life full of love.

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