Faithful dog cuts through traffic jams to save his injured owner


All traffic in Guapiles stopped because of this dog named Chiquita. He continued to bark, so that finally someone would stop the car and pay attention to him.

He was eventually spotted by a young woman who asked her husband to stop the car to find out what had happened to him.

According to her, the nervous dog continued to bark, and she asked her husband to get up and go to him in order to understand what he needed.

They then went with the dog, who took them to their owner, Jorge, who was lying unconscious on the ground. According to a Thai website, the owner of the dog was poisoned by some kind of alcohol.

The couple immediately called an ambulance.

Chiquita also got into the car and lay on top of the owner, which was the best proof of fidelity. The woman who saved him, knowing Milagro, went to Jorge and the dog. In fact, they lived in a van.

Seeing their condition, Milagro decided to help them.

He took the dog to the veterinary clinic where he worked, and after examination it turned out that the dog is in good condition and can still take care of its owner.

Thanks to this story and these kind people, we are once again convinced that there is no truer friend than a dog and that there are good people left on earth.

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