The policeman saved the pit bull who wanted to be euthanized and adopted him


This poor dog was found in the rain, he was so thin that only the skin and bones remained. Those who found him contacted the animals and eventually freed him from the thick chain around his neck.

No one knew how he got there, but the dog looked very sad and needed help. If earlier this dog was abandoned, now she feels loved in her new family.

She was adopted by Agent Pascal. Now the dog’s name is Joey. He took a picture with her dog and posted it on social media announcing her adoption.

Once in the shelter, the dog could be euthanized and not adopted at all, and now, fortunately, he has a new home.

We really have to thank this boy for his kindness.

Then the Dog Protection Center posted an announcement on its pages on social networks about the protection of the company’s animals in cold weather.

Please help them or give them a new home and shelter the animals. They truly deserve love and care.

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