The dog barked and tried to take the owner into the forest, in the end he saved the life of another dog


This incident took place in Poland and will not leave anyone indifferent. A real rescuer was a little terrier named Diego, who managed to come to the aid of a wounded Labrador in the forest.

The owner of Diego – Jerzy, lives in the city of Karpacz and every day walks with his pet through the forest. Usually the march was no different, on the contrary, everything happened very normally and calmly.

But one day, while walking, he felt something and began to drag his master towards the forest. It took him some time to understand what was the matter, the dog stubbornly continued his attempts to drag the owner into the forest, and in the end he succumbed to the animal.

Diego followed the trail and headed straight for the forest. And a little later the terrier stopped in front of an abandoned puddle of water.

The man looked at the puddle of water for a long time until he saw an emaciated body barely noticeable to the dog. The animal was alive, but completely emaciated. He immediately called a rescue team.

After some time, the dog was taken to the veterinary clinic. It turned out to be a Labrador named Gucho, and for a month the owners could not find him.

It turned out that Gucho was walking through the forest and fell into a hole with water. Without Jerzy and Diego, the dog would be dead in a few hours.

He spent 32 days in the pit and was exhausted to the limit. Fortunately, as noted by veterinarians, the Labrador recovers quickly and will soon be completely healthy.

The owners of the dog dream of sending Gucho to walk with Diego after his recovery, the rescuer and the rescued will definitely find a common language.

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