The lucky puppy waited 2 years in the shelter to find his forever home


In England, an adorable dog rescued from the street in April 2019 and then turned over to the local RSCPA never thought he would spend more than two years there looking for the perfect family.

Since the puppy named Bob arrived at the rescue center, the volunteers have realized that he needs to make a lot of changes in his behavior in order to be adopted.

However, the team worked very hard to ensure Bob had a better relationship and found a permanent family. But unfortunately, this process happened two years ago, so poor Bob waited for his home for more than 776 days.

Due to various health problems around the world, the situation has changed a little and did not favor Bob’s dream.

Once the puppy had overcome some of the behavioral issues and was ready for adoption, the pandemic hit and it became difficult to get to know the potential family.

But now that everything is back to normal, unfortunately, people continue to ignore Bob, and they decide to get other dogs without any problems.

Being in a cage and walking on a leash was very scary for cute Bob, obviously he didn’t have a good experience in the past.

In addition, your new family should know and be willing to solve your problems, making it clear that an adult-only home is best.

Jack added that when they met him, they discovered that he was an absolute lover. He is very friendly and loves to play. As soon as he trusts people, he becomes the most faithful companion and friend in the world!

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