Blind dog undergoes surgery to see his owners for the first time


Even among animals there are no ideal ones, as well as among people. Although dogs are kind and charming creatures, there are some dogs that have needs and find it difficult to find a family.

But fortunately, there are people who, despite the shortcomings of the animal, give him a chance to live.

This story is about a blind dog whose life was changed by his new owners Holly and Bart Emmerson, who lived in Canada, decided to get pets.

That’s when they found out about the black Cocker Spaniel they found on Olive Street, they had a friend who knew the dog and could bring it to Vancouver for adoption. His name was Olive.

Olivia had cataracts and couldn’t even see his owners because of it, but that didn’t stop him from becoming the couple’s favorite dog.

The vet said that the dog could be cured with surgery. The couple wanted to make life easier for the dog and decided to take him to the vet. Naturally, they were very worried during the operation.

As he was carried out of the operating room, the couple’s eyes filled with tears as they saw their beloved dog approaching them. It was a very touching moment!

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