A cafe waitress fed a homeless man without realizing it was the management’s plan


Unfortunately, our society does not accept homeless people and treats them badly. They avoid them or ask them to leave cafes, shops or even public transport.

But you need to understand that they are also people, and no one knows who is hiding under this look or what they have gone through.

But fortunately, the waitress Marina was different from the others. She worked in a cafe where people came with their families to dine with office workers or just have a cup of coffee.

And then one day a hungry poor man came in, and all the waiters refused to serve him, because he looked very bad and was in dirty clothes. But Marina noticed this and approached him to take the order.

As soon as he finished the order, Marina called the cafe manager and yelled at her, saying that if the man did not pay, the money would be deducted from her salary.

But in the end, surprisingly for the girl, the buyer withdrew the money, paid and even left a tip. It turned out to be a controller test.

They decided to check if his employees are friendly with all the customers of the cafe.

Naturally, after this incident, the director was fired, and this position is now occupied by a caring girl. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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