A street dog that has overcome incredible hardships is still waiting for a home


This is Erin, who spent her first year on the street, her second year in an orphanage, and her third year in a foster home.

But rescuers are hoping someone will make him a happy, healthy dog ​​and give him a home.

When he was rescued from the streets of Greece, he suffered from scabies, ehrlichia and leishmaniasis and received treatment.

For two years, the dog amazed rescuers with its loving nature.

Rescuers say he is affectionate and accepts all dogs and cats. He loves other dogs very much and would rather live with other dogs as they will help him adapt faster.

He suffered from leishmaniasis. They note that the disease can confuse would-be adopters and veterinarians.

However, they say that while most dogs are carriers throughout their lives, they are just as healthy as any other dog. This is a normal dog that can live a long and happy life without leishmaniasis.

In many dogs, such as Erin, levels may drop or even disappear altogether.

And yet, leishmaniasis is not contagious to other dogs or to humans, which means it is dangerous and very dangerous.

Read Erin’s incredible story. It’s hard not to fall in love with him. Erin is currently in the UK with her foster family and is up for adoption.

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