When the owners handed him over to the shelter, he was devastated, but then a miracle happened


Look at that cute face! This little dog is infinitely happy to have been adopted. Before that, he was sad because his family took him to an orphanage.

The dog was named Ava and was kept at one of the state animal shelters in the Carolinas.

When he was still there, his face was very sad. He did not understand why his life had taken such an unexpected turn․ He did not think that this could be the beginning of a happy period of life.

And Christy Pilant worked in a shelter and was delighted with this scene.

Since then, the woman decided to do everything to change Ava’s mood, she helped the dog overcome all his fears. They spent a lot of time together and became friends.

One day one of the people visited the orphanage, saw Ava, then found out about her past and immediately fell in love with her.

And after that day, the life of the dog completely changed, he had to say goodbye to Christy and was touched at that moment, he was very grateful to her.

Ava held out a paw in gratitude to his nanny for all the love he had given her. Thanks to the work of all the workers at the Christy Orphanage, Ava now has a family that will give him great love.

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