An abandoned dog carries an empty bowl from door to door in the hope that someone will feed it


The American Strays Project is a special program started by the World Animal Awareness Society that aims to raise awareness of homeless animals. While doing research for this program, the volunteers encountered an incredible sight in the area.

In this video, volunteers follow a stray dog ​​who goes from house to house with an empty bowl in his mouth.

The dog makes his way through the thorny plants in the hope of finding someone to feed him. However, there is no hope for him, as the area is just a huge wasteland abandoned by people.

The volunteers couldn’t help but see the hungry dog ​​rushing around restlessly with the saddest face.

They followed the dog for about 5 houses before refilling his food bowl and giving him enough water to drink. Later, volunteers also took care of stray animals in the abandoned area.

Many assume that homeless animals manage to feed themselves for food or someone constantly feeds them.

But the reality is that they are constantly under stress due to the uncertainty surrounding their next meal.

We hope this video inspires people around the world to look for stray dogs in their neighborhood.

Click on the video below to watch the fight of a dog that goes from door to door with an empty bowl.

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