„I made the best decision of my life without a moment’s hesitation“


“I always loved animals when I was little. But I never asked my parents for a cat or a dog. Homeless animals often ran around the dacha, and I fed them and played with them, but nothing more.

I never brought home vagrants, as my classmates did, although, of course, I wanted to take them in. Only usually it ended with exacerbations.

But a week ago I was walking down the street and suddenly I saw a couple walking towards me. A minute later they were walking past me. I was the only one who noticed what caught their attention.

They watched the kitten rub against the side of the road. He probably fell off the sidewalk onto a busy road. The poor fellow had a huge swollen eye. It is clear that the baby needed urgent help.

Before I could blink, I had already made up my mind. I didn’t have to think twice about getting a pet.

Now I have a kitten diaper by my bed. I wake up in the middle of the night to fix his eye. While the baby is gaining strength, I do my best to make him comfortable.

She needs a lot of treatment and medicine, but taking the kitten off the street is the best decision I have ever made.“

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