A stray dog interrupted a street performance: he wanted to save the „wounded“ actor


When people on the street watched a theatrical performance in Turkey, a dog stood nearby and looked at the actor intently all the time.

He lay on the floor and pretended to be wounded. And then the animal decided to „help“ him. This impulse deeply touched the heart of the artist.

The artist Numan Ertugrul Uzunsoy told about this story himself.

During a street play, he acted as an injured man who was in great pain during filming. It was implied that he had fallen off his horse and was breathing very heavily.

But the four-legged fluffy spectator did not understand that this was just acting, although very talented and realistic.

Succumbing to the „magic power of art“, the dog ran up to the lying artist, making an attempt to provide him with all possible assistance. The animal came very close and began to lick his face.

One of the viewers captured this touching moment on video. The artist recalls that for a moment he felt warmth on his face.

At first, he thought that a partner approached him, but when he realized what was the matter, he smiled broadly, thereby violating the whole scenario.

He admitted that when he felt the „kiss“ of the dog, he was happy, he was touched by the sympathy of the animal, which was like an angel who came to the rescue.

For the actor, this moment was very emotional and unexpected.

At the end of the street action, Uzunsoy decided that he needed to find a homeless dog and find an owner for him in order to respond with kindness to this.

The next day, the artist went to look for the dog to help him.

He learned from the locals where the dog usually lives. Now he combs the area from time to time to meet his new buddy. Numan Ertugrul Uzunsoy set out to find him without fail.

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