Funny pictures of kidnappers – pets


We always love to watch the antics of animals. Cats with huge eyes, dogs doing something stupid, or wild monkeys taking people’s glasses away – they all make us laugh, and we do our best to save these photos and share them with others.

We often see animals acting like angels in front of our eyes. But as soon as we look away from them, the fun begins. They get our attention, especially when they steal food.

For example, see how different animals try to steal food and much more.

1. There are no barriers if you want something so badly.

2. I just need wings.

3. I’ll laugh, but I won’t let go of the sausage.

4. Vanya, what a cool fisherman you are) My best friend.

5. I’ll try a little.

6. What a hunter I am, I have such a catch.

7. Have a nice time with tea

8. Oh, sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you! I just watched.

9. Mmm, delicious. Now don’t let your mustache be seen.

10. It’s all right, it’s all right. I just checked.

11. You all eat, but I can’t?

12. Why do you make life so difficult? Could you put it a little closer?

13. Looks like we’ll be eating soon. Ball, you distract, I steal. Divide it by two.

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