The upset shelter dog gets adopted hours before he was set to be put to sleep


Just like children in orphanage, all the dogs in the shelters, want to go to family. But there are cases when it’s a life or death issue. Some places have euthanasia lists where the unwanted pups are put.

The dog from our story, Bear, is just like 1 of them, who was rescued just in time. Madeline is a volunteer in Barc where she met Bear the dog.

Bear was brought to Barc from street and when he has fully given up the idea of being adopted. He was not even lifting his head up.

This all until the moment when Madeline went into his kennel. As nobody wanted to adopt him he has given up that idea as well and was about to be put to sleep.

He seemed very dejected but madeline decided to give him a chance outside of the kennel. She chose to see whether he was acting differently outside or not.

After some time it appeared that he was different. He became very loving and active outside. At first she was scared but then everything changed.

Madeline said that Bear was a perfect guy. He knew how to behave, how to sit, shake. Bear knew everything and all of this would have gone if there wasn’t for her. Madeline saved one of the finest guys.

As Bear proved dog’s behavior can be quite different when being outside. What’s good is that story has a cheerful ending and Bear was saved 1 hour before he was scheduled to be put to sleep.

Happily Bear found his permanent loving home. Madeline also said that he was one of the 28 dogs that was about to be killed that day. She was really shocked how could such a great dog be put into that list.

This was a huge change and it proved that a small amount of love can really help change the dog’s and everybody’s life. We all are so happy for Bear that was spared from being put to death.

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