This adopted rescue kitten is enthusiastic and won’t stop cuddling and kissing his mommy


This cat was saved from streets and was really happy to find a loving mother for life. He showed his love and appreciation by giving her huge hugs and licking her face.

The little one had a terrible start for his life. His prior owners threw them away from a window of a moving car after placing them in a trash bag.

Thankfully a kind stranger noticed everything going on and saved them from that horrible situation.

They were placed into a shelter after which they a rescue center heard about their story and was willing to give them a second shot.

They took him to their facilities and started searches for the ideal home for which he was really thankful. The awesome redhead was waiting for the perfect someone to adopt him. He deserved to have a better life every day.

The long waited owner was the nurse Renee who met the adorable Honeycake finally.

She showed up in the shelter after a few months and adopted him. The woman realized that it was the perfect cat for her to take.

And after being saved Honeycake decided to cuddle around her, hug and give lots of kisses to her as a sign of gratitude.

Renee fell for him after he came to his lap and refused to let her go. He picked her to be his one and only human.Now it’s four years that they have been together and continue having a great life.

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