Famous as “Hot Pigeon”, these pink-necked green pigeons are colorful birds that leave us all in awe


In every country around the world we can meet pigeons for sure. Looking at the grey and black pigeons one can never imagine that there can be so beautiful and colorful pigeons existing in the world.

They will leave us in a total amazement.They are so beautiful and some might not believe they are even real.
They are known as “hot pigeon”. They are such great birds surely worth your attention.

They look so good and so perfect in that colorful body. All the colors look incredibly beautiful together and that’s what makes them so special and mesmerizing. These birds are irreplaceable members of the pigeon family.

They have pink on their neck and their body is mainly green. But still it’s not everything about them. There are slight color differences in male and female.

There are some more bright colors on the male’s body and some duller parts on the female’s body. But their sizes ain’t different from the ordinary pigeons.

I’m sure all of us would love to see them in street sof our cities but it’s almost impossible as they are native to the forests of Southest Asia. They never eat insects these beauties love eating fruits mostly fig.

They frequently team up to build their nests. While the male searches for materials the females are in charge of building. They lay two egs and after 17 days start raising their babies.

Their number of population is currently stable, but are in the list of endangered animals.

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