Adorable footage shows a very vocal cockatoo yelling on people from inside the car


When you keep a pet and they become a part of your family you are like understanding them in all ways. So this family went to Walmart.

When the husband and wife’s brother went to shop their cute little cockatoo started yelling in the car. The bird’s name is Gotcha.

He likes yelling at people and it does in such a funny and hilarious way, that brings happiness to everyone around.
Gotcha is a very sociable and outgoing cockatoo. He loves joking around and interacting with lots of people.

Once when they went on a walk the bird was silent and calm at first, but then when he got used to the environment he started yelling at people.

After some time he won’t stop yelling. Even though the woman was surprised and tried to calm him down she could not conceal her lough and joy.

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