Sweet cat jumps into lap of girl in wheelchair and chooses her to be his forever family


Finding a friend has always been a problem for Kiley who has been in a wheelchair. Most of the cats were afraid to approach her, but then Richey came along.

While living in the streets, Richey learned how to be fearless and strong. And also he seemed to have an experience of living at home as well.

That’s why he became the perfect match for Kiley. He was fed by an animal rescuer Chris, and kept coming back to him.

And the man told that at first stage the cat was always hungry, and when he tried to speak to cat, he spoke back. After Chris gave him some treats the cat allowed to pet him.

So Poole decided to take the cat into a rescue center as he would be a good rescue cat. He took him into the vet’s to take some tests.

When placed into an animal shelter Richey became a cuddly and touchy cat, who loved being cuddled all day long.

Richy was quite vocal too. After some time he was fully ready to be put up for adoption. And the owner of the shelter, where he lived knew exactly the perfect match for him.

Kiley came to the shelter with his mother a few months ago. They already had visited several shelters but no cat was ready to be with her as they were afraid of her wheelchair.

But when it came to Richey, he just loved being around with Kiley. He jumped into her lap, not taking into consideration the wheelchair, and rejected to get down.

Richey found his place immediately and was so happy to be there. He became the lap cat and wouldn’t even want to get down. He snuggled up to her and slept in such a cute way. They with Kiley are practically inseparable.

As the mother works from home, and Kiley is homeschooling Richey gets bunch of attention all day long. He loves so much being with them. All day long in their family there is a cuteness overload.

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