Stray cat brings her little babies to meet the lady who feds her every day


When you want to get something you will for sure. So this woman Shea was observing a street kitten that was strolling around her house for days.

However the cat was a little evasive, one day the woman managed to get closer to her and get her attention. She could feed her and got some special bonds with the kitten.

She continued feeding the cat when oe day she found out that the cat was producing milk, which meant she had babies. She was hiding them while the woman was feeding and patting her.

So Shea decided to help the mother with her babies, but she had no idea where the kittens were. After searching all over her yard in vain, she asked the mother, where are your babies. As she was both excited and also very worried.

She asked her to bring her babies with her. And one day, to her great surprise, when she was watering the plants in her yard the cat came along but this time she was not alone.

The mother cat rushed up to the woman and started rubbing her self on her leg. It was that she was asking her to go and see her babies.

When she went out she saw balls of furr babies staring at her. The woman fell in love immediately. The woman saw how the mother was convincing her children to trust her. She said that they have nothing to worry about.

The mother cat had a lot of trust in the woman and that was so amazing. After some time the kittens finally learned to come out of their hiding place and come to Shea. Whom they loved very much already.

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