This wonderful golden dog rescues a drowning deer and makes sure she is doing good


How does it feel like to have a heroic pup? This feeling can explain you Ralph Dorn who lives in Alabama has a great pup.

So when Ralph didn’t see his dog returning home he looked out the window just to make sure that Harley was doing fine.

Their house was on the shore of a lake and here exactly the man noticed his pup. He was swimming towards a baby deer that was floundering in the lake.

It was unknown how the baby ended up in the middle of the lake, but after some time the situation had a dangerous turn.

What comes to swimming, adult deer can swim, but even they get exhausted real quickly so imagine the hardships that the little one was going through.

Luckily the pup appeared at the right place in the right moment and the rescue operation was finished successfully.

Poor baby was really frightened and Harley licked him to calm him down and also shake off the excess water.

Soon after his mother deer came and the little family was reunited.Some days later baby deer returned to the same place and Harley smelled it.

But at this time deer was not scared at all. It is known that there are some domestic dogs that have inherent instincts of savior.

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