This is Meaty, the pup who can’t stop smiling after being adopted from a shelter


When you give the dog a life they always dreamed of they become such happy and grateful animals. So meet Meaty that is an amazing pup that stole everyone’s heart with his cuteness.

But before being such a nice and happy dog Meaty was the one was went through lots of struggles. He lived in a shelter before getting to a new loving family.

His permanent owner saw him in the internet post and fell in love immediately. She told that when she first saw the dog he reminded her of her beloved baby dog Kitty that passed away a few months ago.

After getting into that family he understood that have never been happier. So from that day on he never stopped smiling.

Here he has lots of new friends and everything he could have ever hoped for his life. We hope that his beautiful smile will never leave his face.

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