Naughty little otter builds a priceless nest for his caring family, and then something happens


Managing wild animals was always a hard issue to cope with.Meet Hana and Kotaro that live in Japan with their owner. But there were always up to something naughty and it became harder to manage the two of them.

However as long as the owner loves them unconditionally she will do anything for them to feel comfortable and happy. In the recent times he started gathering clothes around the area where he usually slept.

Then he decided to build a nice nest for his family. But the thing is that he can get only clothes for the nest and nothing else.

And so Kotaro decided to take toilet paper and tissues from his owner’s cabinet. The owner clearly showed that he does not like that, but the naughty otter was not bothered at all.

He continued taking the toilet paper even though his owner warned not to do so. The next day Kotaro started building the nest again.

He even started showing off for his owner the the toilet paper that he used for the nest. After using many clothes and toilet papers he finally finished building the nest.

In the morning when Hana woke up she rushed to his owners bed but she was soaking wet and as soon as she jumped on the bed she she made the whole bed wet.

Kotaro became very angry because his nest was fully damaged. Finally the sleepy owner woke up and took the two of them into his hands.

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