Grateful soldier adopts seriously injured military dog that saved his life


Some dogs become real heroes for their owners. So did Layke, she saved her owner’s life and the man wanted to do the same in response.

Julian never thought that a simple task may become something that could change his course of life fully. When he sent Layka before him into that building he never knew that it might cost them life.

On that day, the sergeant sent his dog Layka to the building to see weather it was safe or not but learned soon enough that it wasn’t.

When the dog entered the building from different directions fire shots started and they merely killed Layka. However she was capable of saving the lives of soldiers.

The pup had gone through a seven hour operation and were successful as they managed to save her life. However it cost her leg and she was left only with three legs.

After a certain amount of physiotherapy before being able to walk again. And after she was feeling good, Layka was ready to attack again, but when this time she got injured it could have cost her front leg.

Rebecca that met Layka said that this times injury might have cost her the leg on which she was hobbling and trying to live fully. It was really a bad situation.

But it wasn’t only about the injury that she got it was also about a trauma that she got because of that. When Switzers started a campaign for her after their first meeting, than they came back with more funds this time.

Most of the soldiers whose life Layka saved were willing to give money for her treatment. She really deserved that. But what the most important part was that the trainer wanted to adopt her.

So McDonald brought her home, though everybody warned him that she wouldn’t be a fit for family as she might be too aggressive.

And he was finally able to adopt him. Nobody saw that coming, but once a perfectly trained military dog became a very soft and loving family pet.

He even allowed the one year old baby to play on his back for hours.

Sergeant always says that he will always be in debt to this dog. He will always feel blessed to have her in their life. We love you dear Layke.

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