This is Ploy, a blind elephant who was saved after serving as a tourist attraction for long years, now her life has fully changed


This poor blind elephant that served as a tourist attraction for several years now is finally free, thanks to the elephants savior company. She now arrived to her new home which she so well deserved.

Ploy was almost 30 years old when finally saved. She was a transportation for tourists to stroll from one place into another.

She obviously followed the right pathway through her smelling. And before that she had worked in a circus doing certain trick to amuse people.

Thankfully now she is in a new place where hse is appreciated and taken well care of. The foundation was going to save another elephant when they found about her and rushed to rescue.

They talked with her owner to take her out and take to the sanctuary. Ploy was completely blind but she worked every day and there were no excuses for her, she really had to work.

The company saw her working in a such harsh condition so they knew one thing for sure that hey had to take her out of that slavery. After long discussions with her owner Ploy was finally free.

She got in a such place from where she could start her way to forever freedom. Her life is going to be fully changed, but she only needs to learn how to make friends to be accepted by the other herd.

She never had the opportunity to communicate with other elephants as she had always been a circus property or a famous attraction for people.

But now she has got a lot of new staff to learn. And in addition she is blind, which is also a problem for her. We hope that everything will be okay with her and that she will find her tribe.

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