This sick man’s eyes were filled with tears after an unforgettable visit from a sweet horse


We often hear the accepted idea that people are stronger than animals, or that people can do more things, people feel more than animals do. However, it’s not actually like that.

Animals can sometimes give us such kind of a support that no human being could have done so much for us.

In the video below you can understand the saying better. There you will see a man that is bed-ridden and a therapy horse approaches him and tries to comfort.

When it comes closer to the man and puts his head on his shoulder the man starts crying.

The horse’s name is Paçoca. This video has been taken in Brazil on Twitter. It was taken in a equine therapy center. The video made millions of hearts full of love and belief.

The horse made everybody feel warmed and cared. It might be the first time that the horse acted like this.

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