Sergeant gives his K9 friend one last hug and stays with him till his last minutes


Military canines are from another world. They work for us, they struggle for us, they put their lives at stake to save ours. This story is about Bodza, an amazing pup that since 2006 has been working as a bomb detector .

He and Smith started working together and they formed a really strong friendship from the very first moment.
Smith said that the dog thought him patience and lots of other things.

He was really happy to be able to live with him. He shared that when the retirement time came he took Bodza home the exact same day. They became even closer when they were at home.

They had an amazing life before the moment when he was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy which his body couldn’t handle. Smith saw such situations of his dog that he would never want any pet owner to see.

So they decided to put him down, Bodza passed away in the hands of his owner and it was a ruch of lots of things. It was very thrilling and luckily he had his friends to support him.

Bodza died with a smile on his face. He had more kindness in his heart that any person can ever have.

He did so much for Smith and for others. Thank you dear Bodza for everything. Rest in peace!

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