This is Elf owl that is recognized to be the tiniest owl in the world


We have met hummingbird and we know that it’s known to be the smallest bird in the world. So today we came to introduce you one of the smallest owls. Meet Elf owl the bird that is considered to be the smallest owl.

This bird is almost the same size as golf ball. They peep from their tree holes to hunt for crickets, spiders and beetles, or maybe some occasional lizard or mouse.

These types of owls mainly live in deserts. They can be found in some woods desert environments. In Texas and Arizona. They mainly built their nests in tree holes.

An interesting fact about them is that they are deadly silent. When a simple bird flies the sound of their wings can be heard. However, the owl’s wings contain special tiny extensions which prevents from making a sound.

They can leave America for Mexico when starts winter and the weather is cool. But as the spring returns really quick so they come back to start building their nests back.

In spring females bring one to four eggs, and the babies come out in 3 weeks.

During that period father brings food for mother and babies. After some weeks mom starts going for food hunting too.

They mainly prefer escaping than fighting. However they have also been noticed to fight and in that cas they can utter such a loud voice that will call every different kinds.

Also they have another way of protection. If the enemy comes to attack they will pretend being dead, until they are gone.

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