Cute hairless dog is saved from the streets and now sports a white and soft mane, and finally found a family


Over several months, a hairless dog wandered the streets of Houston.

The animal was walking down the street looking for drinking water and food when it came across a woman in a car park and tried to approach her for help. She fed him and hung a necklace around his neck.

Gardenia’s rescue worker decided to share her story on Fb in the hopes of finding her a foster home. Caitie managed to learn of the dog’s plight in this manner and decided to help it.

Caitie said, “I have a reputation as an organize and control case enthusiast.” When they see a stray dog with mange, they send me a message or mention me in a post.

Gardenia was an incredibly cute, mild, frightened small dog who wanted to be cared for on the inside, but Caitie realized she must have experienced a lot of violence from others because of her image.

When the lady took Gardenia to the vet, it was discovered that she had demodectic mange, a skin condition, which lives in the hair follicles of dogs and cats. It is not contagious and is easily treated with medication.

Caitie recalls: “She had scabies for a long time because she had so many of them and secondary scabies infections all over her.” His entire back was raw, and it hurt a lot.

Gardenia appeared uncomfortable and itchy as the scabies was treated and she recovered, making her more reserved.

Nonetheless, she began to recover gradually as a result of the medications and medicinal baths, and her fur had already begun to grow back.

“At first, she was quite reserved,” Caitlin said. She didn’t do any playing or cuddling; she just hung out.

The poor girl was heartbroken. She appeared to despise life and be ready to give up.

Gardenia’s character returned just as fastly. The dog began to play and appear happy; she loved to leap and was captivated by the family dog.

“During first 2 weeks, it’s difficult to notice improvements; then, all of a sudden, a new dog appears,” the lady continued. She has since became sofy and lovely.

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