3 siblings who spent their time in more than 16 foster homes are adopted by a single dad… Their life has changed fully now……


Three foster children’s lives have been forever changed thanks to a single father with a huge heart. The children had been in foster care for several years prior to Darryl Andersen’s intervention.

Mikel, who was four years old, Willis, who was six, and Nevai, who was nine, had all spent their childhoods in separate foster families. Darryl claims they were extremely close.

I understand they have each other because they have remained together despite being moved sixteen times. The siblings remained together despite being separated 16 times in five years.

Darryl was unable to remain silent after learning about the children. Darryl, a single father of three, decided to take a risk after receiving approval from his children.

He stated that he often considered the fact that many children around the world do not even have a home to call their own.

He felt compelled to act because the thought of these brothers and sisters being abandoned disturbed him so much.Darryl went on to say that he wanted to give generously because he had received so much himself.

He wanted to keep making donations because he was so grateful to have raised his own children. Despite his awareness of how challenging their early years were, Andersen desires to alter the direction in which they live.

He encourages them to have belief and to make plans for the future. The children adore Darryl and are well aware of the benefits he has provided by keeping them together.

This single father’s love touches even more lives, and others are inspired to support supportive kids as a result.

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