No matter that the child has a great talent, Steve is in fits of laughter because of his humorous character… Go check out the video to find out why…


While hosting “Little Big Shots,” Steve Harvey had the chance to communicate with many bright kids who had astounding characters and charm.

He saw this small child just as he was about to conclude that he had listened and seen it all before.

Tommy Johnston is only four years old, but he already has the extraordinary ability to entertain a large number of individuals with his engaging personality and organic humor.

He proved it by making everybody laugh during his appearance on Steve’s show with remarks about his relatives, particularly his older brothers who “won’t be sharing their women” with him.

And don’t think Tommy’s distinctiveness stems purely from his uplifting demeanor. The tiny boy is also extremely smart, as evidenced by his ability to identify the pictures of all 45 US presidents.

Furthermore, he is highly smart about each one of them personally. Tommy has a lot of things going for him, and I can perceive him hosting a nightly show as he grows older.

If this fails to bring you a smile, I’m not sure what else will.

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