Woman is 61 years old and man is just 24… Their plans are so interesting that it’s a pity not to know…


His age is 24 and hers is 61. They are newlyweds who want to create a family. Kuran and Cheryl are an unusual pair who met via short videos.

They each attempted to take responsibility of the TT blog in various ways, and it wasn’t until they grouped around each other that they had remarkable success.

Regardless of the fact that they are 37 years apart, the couple’s hilarious videos have earned million of views and a substantial increase in channel fans.

Kuran and Cheryl spent their time filming commercials and quickly realized that their bond was based on more than just their common interests.

Kuran proposed to his new girlfriend in July 2021, and the two married in September of that year. As a consequence of the article titles, the couple’s fame and success and the site’s fame skyrocketed.

But something was still missing in the couple’s lives. They made the choice to start a family. Cheryl and Kuran consider using a surrogate to assist them; also this is publicly discussed.

If no woman is found, the couple is willing to adopt a baby from an adoption agency.This would allow them to come together as a family.

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