Because of its size, one of the oldest trees in the world has never been captured on camera in its full size


The President, the world’s 2nd-bigest tree, can be found in the park’s center.The gigantic sequoia is very aged.It is 247 feet tall, has 2 billion leaves, and its circumference is 27 feet.

When all of the tree’s biomass—the wood and limbs—are taken into account, the tree is maybe the largest on the the whole world.

Geographic picture taker Michael wanted to take a picture the magnificent tree in its entirety for posterity. However, there were significant hardships associated with this.

So he went into the forest with forest ecologist Steve and his co-workers.The experts take precise measurements of the huge redwoods by regularly scaling them.

The climbers climbed the tree using a variety of gear and created a mosaic of 126 photos.The photographs were all finished in more than two weeks, and the end result is absolutely stunning!

Because the President is still growing, Nichols might have to return and try again.It produces over 1 cubic meter of wood every year!

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