Simon said that her song choice was irrational. After some seconds, he’s forced to take back his words


The choice of a song for contestants on shows like The X Factor is almost as important as their voice.Contents only have a few minutes to demonstrate their abilities and justify why they should be on the show.

As a result, the contestant’s success or failure may depend on the song they choose poorly and fails to highlight their unique qualities.The song needs to emphasize the singers’ talents, personalities, and stage presence.

When the young woman in the video below got on stage and said she wanted to perform Amazing Grace to get a lower spot in the competition, Simon Cowell was skeptical.

He continued, clearly indicating that he had some reservations regarding the girl’s chances of success. “You are a bold girl,” he said.

However, her original take on a well-known song surprised the judges as well as the audience.This performance is so great because it is difficult to personalize a song with a distinct personality.

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