Old lady believed that she lost her baby after birth but what she found out many years after was unbelievable…


Meet Genevieve who lives in North Tampa. She mentioned that nobody else was present.She did not have any kids of her own because all 8 of her siblings had been murdered.She gave birth once in 1949.

I said that I wished to see the baby.On Monday, Genevieve remembered, “They said to me she couldn’t survive.”A girl came in after 69 years, a girl she had no idea she had…

A mom’s grief over the death of her child never completely goes away.She constantly feels a deep, pain in the middle of her belly.She never forgets, even when she has second thoughts.

Genevive Purinton, then, lived in a fully different reality in 1949.A lady who was not married and expecting a baby was shunned and ignored at the time.

In order to give birth quietly, expectant moms who were not married immediately “went to meet an aunt in the city” or “study abroad.”

Genevive, a lady, was waiting her first baby and was alone.The young mommy asked to see her baby after birth.But, as the docs and her family said, her baby girl had passed away shortly after birth.

Genevive was broken, and she would carry the loss of her baby with her for the rest of her life. Genevive currently lives in a Tampa nursing home at the age of 88.

The majority of her loved ones died, and she never had any relationships or had any kids.Connie Moultroup, who was adopted as a baby in California, always searched for her birth parents.

Despite the fact that she grew up surrounded by beloved people, Connie’s heart missed a piece. She struggled to find her birth mom.

Connie’s adoptive family did everything to help her.Her DNA was examined, and a few identities were found in her saliva.She accidentally talked to a cousin she didn’t want to talk to.

When Connie mentioned that she had been given the surname of her real mother, her newly found cousin told her that the lady was her aunt and that she was alive.

Contrary to what she had been told, Genevive’s child did not pass away during birth.After 69 years, happened the first sincere encounter between a mother and her daughter.

When they first saw each other, both women let out sighs of relief and happiness, and Genevive nearly wept as Connie held her.

“I’m not dead,” Connie chuckled through her tears.Genevive would never have said something like that. They decided to forgive their family members and move on. It well said better late than never.

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