A young girl noticed a pup that was staring at the ocean


While strolling down the beach, the girl and her family discovered a dog sitting on the sand and staring out at the ocean. The dog did it for a purpose, it ended up turning out. A local man told them a tale that hit home.

Josie Mejia, a local, shared her experience. Her family eventually decided to go to Punta Negra, a beautiful coastal town near their Peruvian residence. They arrived at a rocky beach and noticed a dog.

The dog simply sat on the beach, his gaze fixed on the ocean: «This dog did not appear left. He wore a handkerchief around his neck and appeared to be clean. I rubbed him, believing that the holder was nearby.

Josie had no clue how to assist the dog, so they turned to the community members on the seaside for assistance. It appeared that almost everyone in the neighborhood knew and adored this dog.

One person told them an emotional story about why the dog is relaxing here. «The guy told us that the pup’s previous owner was a fisherman who died some years back.

And that the dog comes to the seaside each day and stares out at the ocean, as if waiting for him to come back from boating,» the girl explained.

Regardless of the fact that the dog had no holder, he was accompanied by love and attention. The locals look after him, and he is known as Vagiton. His story is so touching.

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