Kind man notices a dying pup buried alive in the ground, turns out it’s not a puppy at all


When this guy by the name of Ian phoned in an 911, the workers at Skegness Natureland Seal Sanctuary found themselves in a challenging circumstance.

It appeared that Ian had been birdwatching on the RSPB when he looked through his telescope at something rare.Ian had found a stranded, unconscious puppy surrounded by a massive herd of more than thirty cows.

The poor thing was buried in the moist soil, and the cows anxiously watched as they pondered how to assist the distressed infant.

The employees at the shelter gave Ian important keys on how to get around the herd and get the baby, taking into account the uncertainty of the circumstance and the lack of time.

He was shocked to discover that the creature was not a pup but rather a young seal when he got a better look at it.

The following hour was stressful, but the animal lover luckily transported the traumatized dog to safety by meticulously following the staff instructions!

Celebration, the kid seal, was brought to the shelters’ hospital in a state of dehydration and weakness.She was probably orphaned because she was only 5 days old.

Celebration might have ended up in the marsh after being swept away by a high tide, according to the vet.The kid seal drank fluids to stay hydrated for a few days until her health improved.

Celebration couldn’t yet be released into her natural environment because she is too young to feed independently in water.Her difficulty breathing, for which she is receiving remedy with antibiotics, is another pressing issue.

Celebration is already getting along well with the other dogs in the shelter, so it’s only a matter of time before she gets back to full health!

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