Meet Wall-E the dog who is sadly brought back Tօ shelter with all his tօys and everything


Wall-E, the adorable dog, was first adopted in 2015. However, the incredibly cute labrador was abandoned at a rescue shelter by his adoptive parents, who abandoned him after living with him for 3 years.

The befuddled and confused six-year-old could only look on as his family dropped him off at the same location where he was picked up all those years previously.

To make matters worse, they returned all of his toys and even his bed to the Maricopa County Aide Care and Control (MCAAC) in Arizoa, United States.

The agitated Lab mix was returned to the Arizoa sanctuary without incident, but it is noted that the owners cried a little while saying their goodbyes.

They were told to return the dog so that they could offer Wall-E the affection and attention he needs.

So they boxed up all his belongings and placed them in two separate bags, including his bed, leaving Wall-E frustrated and heartbroken.

MCAAC, on the other hand, defied Wall-former E’s owners, writing on Facebook: ‘This guy needs a loving owner who will never give up on him.’

Please do not disparage his former owners. We don’t know the entire story. The housing posted a picture of this poor dog, asking for a new forever home.

The photo spread rapidly across social networks, and luckily, a woman who became acquainted with the story chose to find a loving family for Wall-E.

When the woman went to the shelter and met the dog, she fell in love with him and chose to adopt him. This woman brought her other dog with her and, surprisingly, these dogs got along just fine.

Now it is critical that the dog has a permanent home and is surrounded by love and care. If you find this story interesting, please tell your friends.

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