A cute and sociable black bear casually interrupts a family picnic to join them


At the moment when this family went to have an amazing picnic day out in the forest, they were not planning to share their delicious peanut butter sandwiches with anyone much less a gigantic animal.

However, an unwelcome guest dissolved their plans! Kathleen was eating with her family at a forest picnic when a black bear unexpectedly appeared.

Surprisingly, the wild animal was not out to frighten the ladyand her friends; rather, it was there to join them.He even liked snacks made of peanut butter.

When the family found out they had a business, all they felt was fear.However, they all managed to remain cool.

Other parts of the family filmed the wonderful scene from a safe distance at the period.They even exhorted the diners to maintain their composure.

Kathleen recalls, “We were all told not to make any sudden movements and to stay put.”The majority of us were very afraid.

The massive bear appeared to be relaxed when it returned to the forest after eating a few tasty sandwiches for a few minutes.

On the other hand, the family’s decision to feed the bear received a lot of criticism on internet.because a wild animal could only be hurt by such behavior.

In fact, feeding bears is against the law in Maryland.Luckily, this time everyone was fortunate.because none of them were hurt!

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