This cute doggies gather into doorway and listen attentively to ‘cockatiel concert’


This house of private concerts is open only for dogs. Humans are not permitted.Alternately, they might be able to observe from afar, as is the case here.A cockatiel amuses and sings while two large pups stare intently at it.

The cockatoo has got the dogs‘ eyes, ears, and attention despite the fact that we do not know what it is singing or saying.The dogs are amazing!

If you’re familiar with yoga, you can see that they’re in a downward dog pose with their heads down.A dog in this position wants to get closer to something they are interested in.And take a look at the dogs.

The bird’s song is very much of interest to them.To be more specific, the brown dog on the left is positioned like a playbowl. This is when dogs raise their rump and place their chest on the ground.

The dog’s feelings and character can also be seen in its eyes.They are relaxed or joyous because they have gentle, sparkling eyes.

At least for them, it appears that the bird’s talent is calming.And their tails! The direction and speed of a dog’s wagging tail are 2 things to watch for.

The pup on the left wags its tail horizontally in large, sweeping motions.A dog with its tail straight out shows that it is attentive and careful, or that it may be curious.

According to Hill’s Pet, „a giant, broad wag] indicates a amiable canine who is not threatening anybody.“The dog’s undivided attention is absolutely delightful for the bird.

It was shifting his head from one dog to another while raising and lowering its head. They just pay attention to every note. We are curious as to the length of the „concert.“

Did the dogs listen till the end or were they distracted with something else? Or maybe it ended as their owners stopped the concert? Viewers had varying opinions on this.

There was a joke that the bird was in charge of a heist that the three of them were planning.The bird was describing their precise plans to the dogs: „Bust out tonight at 1 a.m., Frankie, you’ll be looking out, T-bone, you come with me.“

Some people thought the bird was a great philosopher who had the attention of their listeners.

The canines couldn’t help but look at the bird’s words: It was saying absolutely interesting things that we cannot understand but dogs can for sure.

In addition, there were some who based a story on this scene and claimed that they intended to steal human food: „Bird:Okay, here’s how it goes: I’ll have their attention and you 2 take the food and dip.Black dog:

White dog: Who takes the food?We begin by dipping the food…Bird:I wasn’t referring to that when I said „dip.“

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