The caveman: he turned a little cave into the comfy home of his dreams!


Journalists have referred to Angelo as the “caveman.”He did what he had always wanted to do: he ran away from civilization and ended up in a cave that is thought to be 250 million years old!

Angelo was previously in charge of an Australian recruitment firm.However, he made the decision to “go underground” leaving behind all of the work’s pressures.

He was informed once by the doctor that he had severe conditions of sclerosis.Angelo was initially scared and puzzled.

However, when he realized what was going on, he promised himself, that he will live in such a place where he will be healthier and happier».

Before he was successful in realizing his childhood aspiration, the dad of two had to shovel approximately 80 tons of stone! Angelo knew about the cave as a child because he was raised in Worcestershire.

It was once a place to live, but it hasn’t been used since the 1940s.The man then purchased the oldest rock home that was left in Europe up until the 20th century.He was required to contribute just over £62,000.

Then he began the laborious and costly process of designing the cave.The cave was finished by Angelo in one thousand hours!

The quietest and comfiest room in the home is Angelo’s bedroom, which is also the living room.Angelo’s kids eat in the dining room.It has white walls throughout.

Additionally, the cave’s owner can be seen seated in the bathtub in this image.But as he wouldn’t be able to fill it with enough hot water, so it was quickly converted into a shower room.

The kitchen was designed by Angelo himself.The exterior of Angelo’s home still bears resemblance to the cave’s past. It looks so opulent!Despite the fact that modern materials are used throughout the home.

He used his own 80-meter-deep well to bring water into the house. The journalists visited the “caveman” after learning about him.

The host extended his hospitality to them and gave a brief interview, saying, “I enjoy such challenges.”Since my last name means “master of stones,” it probably describes my profession.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I did it with the same enthusiasm that I used to put into my business.I’m happy and proud.It has truly been a creative obstacle.»

Angelo was looking for full health and wanted to get away from the noisy and anxious town, but he didn’t give up the coziness and opulence of civilization.He has everything in there.

However, as Angelo himself mentions, “it retains a certain charm of a cave for all the comforts of home.”

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