A lady notices this dog endlessly staring at the sea


The girl and her family were walking along the beach when they came across a dog sitting on the shore and staring at the water intently.

It turned out that the dog had a good reason for doing it.A deeply moving tale was shared by a local resident.

A resident named Josie Mejia told this story.Her family recently made the decision to go to Punta Negra, a small Peruvian town near their home that is on the coast.A dog was on a rocky shore when they arrived.

The dog just sat on the shore and didn’t look away from the water: “This dog didn’t seem to have been abandoned.”

He appeared clean and wore a handkerchief around his neck.In the hope that the owner would soon arrive, I stroked him.The girl responded, “But no one came.”

They inquired of the locals who were nearby on the beach because Josie did not know how to assist the dog.It turned out that this dog is loved and known by almost everyone in the area.

A moving account and the explanation for why the dog was seated here were shared by one man. «The man informed us that the dog’s owner was a deceased fisherman.

The girl continued, “And that the dog comes to the beach every day and looks at the sea — as if waiting for him from fishing.”

This boy was surrounded by love and care, even though the dog does not have a owner.He is cared for by the locals, and he goes by the name Vagiton.What a touching story this is!

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