Sitting next to a dying fox and petting her head while she is desperately fighting for her life


The man was enjoying the quiet as he rode his bicycle to work.He was in a good mood until he saw a dead animal on the road.Animals are very dear to man.As a result, the image that he saw was extremely upsetting to him.

On the road, there was a cute little fox.She must have been struck by a vehicle!Sadly, the man considered. He came to a stop and drew nearer to the animal.

The man noticed, leaning over, that the fox’s eyes were slightly twitching, and then she blinked. The animal’s body was shaking lightly.It was probably hurting from being hit by a car.The fox’s heart was pounding rapidly and violently.

The man only wanted to do something to help the helpless person!He was aware that he had no options.Therefore, he simply sat down next to the fox.

In order to prevent the fox from feeling alone during her final moments, he made the decision to remain close to her.The individual was unsure if she required it.

But for some reason, he thought that if he were in a similar circumstance, he would enjoy having company… Finally, the fox’s eyes closed forever.

When the man stroked the fox on the head once more to calm her down, he thought that her heartbeat was the last.

Sleep well, baby! The whole world will miss you!Finally, going to work, he said.When a man saw that the fox was still alive upon returning home from work, imagine his surprise!

The animal was still desperately trying to live, for some reason.The man couldn’t believe his eyes as he picked up the animal in his arms and raced to the veterinarian with him.

And what’s more?The fox stands a good chance of surviving.And all of this is due to a kind man!

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