A magic story; the dachshund fell out of the plane and lived in the desert for over a week!


Lately, everybody was alarmed by Gaspar, a jovial dog.Does it feels like a joke to fell of the plane? But everything began out very cool.Gaspar and Janice, his devoted owner, traveled to Chile.

Lygia, the owner’s girlfriend, came to them as well.The dog learned new smells and met new dogs population while the girls loved sightseeing.Janice offered the idea of going to Iquique, a huge seaport next to the desert!

Lady’s bought tickets to travel by plane.However, Janice had to travel to Santiago for work.As a result, she and her friend split up for a while.On a previous flight, a chap flew with a pet.

Lygia wanted to retrieve the pup from the cargo hold, where pets are transported, after landing.However, Gaspard was absent!However, on the runway, she discovered a known, but empty, broken carrier.

Employees at the airport learned that an accident happened as the aircraft approached.Consequently, the carrier carrying the dachshund that was still in the air slipped out of the open cargo compartment and crashed into the ground.

A stressed-out, scared canine broke free and ran immediately to the Atacama Desert. What began here!

The search for the fugitive included not only police officers but also social network volunteers, military personnel, and airline workers.Six days were spent looking for Gaspard.

The Dachshund didn’t have enough water or food all that time.He was seen from a distance some times.Gaspard, on the other hand, just fled into the desert when he attempted to get closer to him.

The fugitive victim was apprehended and turned over to the owner nearly a week later!The dachshund was examined by veterinarians and found to be in poor condition.

A lot of weight was lost by the baby.He also trembled uncontrollably out of fear. Gaspard, on the other hand, has already started to feel better after a few days.He is slowly getting back to how he used to live.

The carrier company accepted responsibility for the event, and Janice and Lygia are assisting him with all their might!Experts are currently determining whether the person element is included and how this could occur.

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