During a game this 6-month-old baby elephant laughs with joy and happiness


Videotaping an elephant laughing rarely works.It’s likely that many people are unaware that elephants can make such sounds.

The Maevang Elephant Camp Reserve in Chiang Mai, Thailand, was where the video was shot.

To commemorate her graduation from graduate school, a Scottish student by the name of Laura-Jane traveled to Thailand from Aberdeenshire.

She had no idea that she would not only be able to record an accidental video of herself celebrating her academic success!

An employee of the reserve can be seen playing with an elephant in the video.A common plastic bucket can be used as a toy.It appears that the infant is pleased with it!

The elephant’s enchanting sounds awed the reserve visitors to such an extent that they stood with their mouths open, laughing.It’s impossible to watch this video without smiling, as the baby’s laugh is so infectious!

Lauren-Jane has completed her geology postgraduate studies.She is therefore doubly delighted when she looks at the animals in the reserve, who appear to be happy, content, and enjoying themselves.

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