Watch this appealing woman in a barn performs moo-ving duet with her talented cow


You may have the impression that if you gave a cow the name pf The Buddha, it will be destined for amazingness.

When Master The Buddha sings a song with Patrica Varela, he really sounds like a perfect opera star. The duet happened in the cozy barn in the picturesque Minas Gerais countryside, not on a stage.

As they both sit in comfy position on the floor, the enormous bovine and Patrica both appear to be at ease.When she sings a dreamy, soft melody, the cow accidentally harmonizes with a cute low sound.

Together with her spouse Victor, Patricia, is the chief of the Santuario Vale Da Rainha. And she stated that they can feel all the peace, harmony, love and all the good things as they are in harmony with nature.

They love each and every minute spend in their beloved nature. Your heart will be warmed by the deep, melodic mooing, and you’ll want to know what else these pets are capable of.”

Human souls can be touched and filled through it, giving a feeling of understanding that there is a deeper meaning of life and an order that underlies all of existence,” Patrica adds.

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