These three girl elephants form their small family after being saved


It is common knowledge that one of the main causes of elephant abuse is tourism.Luckily, there are elephants like Kabu, Chana and Ploythong who can track down enough cheerful endings.

Kabu, Chana, and Ploythong used to work before they came to the Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand.Additionally, their labor resulted in pain for all three of them.

When Kabu was a baby, she broke her knee;Chana suffered an unidentified leg break;For many years, Ploythong had been blind.The gentle elephants had all been in pain for a long time.

Fortunately, when they got to Elephant Nature Park, their suffering ended.The three elephants would never have to work again once they arrived at their new home for the rest of their lives.

However, their new residence offered more than just a respite from labor.They also got a family from it.The elephants quickly developed trust and affection for one another.

Chana turned into a “guide elephant” for her visually impaired buddy, Ploythong.Even though Kabu occasionally experiences feelings of enviousness, she enjoys spending as much time as she can with her companions.

All three of these elephants found the family and home they had always wanted after suffering through difficult lives.Watch these adorable elephants revel in their park paradise for new reasons to smile.

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