This rescue dog afraid of going out gets help from his doggie sister


Kita, a stray dog, spent weeks alone on acres and acres of land.The poor dog was terrified and covered in water.That day, Kayla of “Cross Your Paws Rescue” brought the small animal home.

The harmless animal had completely stopped moving and was broken.Kita hunkered down in a small space.She simply feared everything.

She would freeze whenever she went outside.She appeared to be afraid of being excluded once more.

She initially refused to look at her foster mother.However, the dog would occasionally be picked up by the foster mother and placed on the couch.After about four or five days, Kita was lying right next to her.

The dog started to react and seemed at ease in her new home, which thrilled the foster mom.She wanted to be loved by her foster parents and started getting along with the other dogs over time.

Soon, Kita was cuddling on a couch instead of being a sad, wet puppy trapped in a crate.She asked for affection and accepted love.It marked an important shift.

When Julie saw Kita’s pictures, she got a great sense of connection.The family was aware that they would adopt her and be her permanent home.

When Kita first came down, she wanted to run away and was extremely reticent.She refused to let anyone touch her.

Kita showed no interest when she first went outside to walk.However, as time went on, her sisters aided her in taking walks.They were there for her right away.

Kita was hesitant at first, but once she saw Flare and Raven fly, she felt at ease and started playing with them.She is now very cuddly, enjoys going out, and enjoys spending time with her family.

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