The skilled pianist plays healing music for aging cats and they enjoy the process


Most humans think that only people enjoy music and other fine arts.However, this cat pianist demonstrated that cats share our love for mellow music.

If you’ve ever watched a Studio Ghibli film, you know how easy it is for audiences to feel emotions.The soundtrack plays a significant role in this.

This holds true even for the film Howl’s Moving Castle.The book of the same name by Diana Wynne Jones served as a loose basis for the award-winning movie.

It is pretty, moving, and expansive.The gorgeous theme song for the movie, “Merry-go-round of Life,” possesses all of these characteristics.

This skilled pianist and cat owner decided to play that song for his slumbering gray furr kid. However, for this fortunate cat, this was more than just an auditory experience.

At the point when the musician began playing, this feline was loosening up on the wooden mallets of the piano.So while she listened, she got a massage.The content cat was more than just a good listener.

She also took part in the show.To provide his feline muse with a pet or a “boop” on the nose, the pianist would extend his rest whenever he came to it.

The gray cat’s sibling finally made the decision to join in the fun.

With this piano rendition of a Studio Ghibli classic, watch this talented pianist serenade his pampered pets.It will undoubtedly delight cat lovers and musicians alike.

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